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how to sell more cars - 10 pitfalls successful salespeople avoid

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10 Pitfalls Successful Salespeople Know to Avoid

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Discover the Top 10 Pitfalls that Successful Car Salespeople Know to Avoid

how to sell more cars - 10 pitfalls successful salespeople avoid

About Chris

When Chris Martinez entered the car sales industry in 2003, he had no definitive sense of direction. Even with successful mentors, his growth was organic and he had to make his own way in an increasingly competitive and difficult environment. He had to fall, get up and fall again. He had to make mistakes, learn from them and make new ones.


Chris never set out to be a dealership manager. He set out to be the number one salesperson and receive a respectable paycheck in order to feed his family, never realizing that he could earn $20,000-$25,000 a month selling cars. As proof that you don’t have to be the greatest salesperson in the world, you only have to be willing to learn and apply yourself.


Now co-managing one of the Top 10 Toyota dealerships in the nation, Chris is passionate about teaching eager-to-learn salespeople as well as dealership managers how to think about and approach both customers and employees differently in order to more effectively reach (and crush) their sales goals.