The Drive to 30: Your Ultimate Guide to Selling More Cars Than Ever

The Car Sales industry is in a historically phenomenal position.  As nationwide car sales numbers continue to climb, however, many car dealerships still struggle and eventually close.  The dealerships that continue to dominate the market year after year, making the most of the potentially explosive growth, are the ones that truly understand the most effective approach to sales.


In this guide to selling more cars than ever, Chris Martinez shares the strategies, approaches and mindsets that, as the manager of one of the most successful dealerships in the nation (and a former 30-car-per-month salesperson before that), have enabled him to sell more cars than ever.


Topics include:

  • The 4 keys to successful sales
  • The 10 steps of a successful sales process
  • 10 sales mistakes to avoid like the plague
  • The importance of Knowing your numbers
  • Top 10 Closing Mistakes
  • Secrets to mastering sales Follow-up
  • 13 steps to increase your visibility


Driving Sales - how to sell 1000 cars per month

In this approach-changing guide to how to sell more cars, industry expert Chris Martinez provides extensive tips and strategies to help any new or experienced auto sales professional take their sales career to the next level.


Through sheer determination to succeed after almost dropping out of high school (ultimately finishing in 5 years) and then failing to see college through, the car sales business unexpectedly found Chris Martinez in 2003.


In his more than 13 years in the industry, he has assisted with the openings of 5 dealerships across the U.S. and helped turn a failing store into one of the Top 10 dealerships in the nation.

Driving Traffic is a comprehensive roadmap that details what it takes to sell 1000+ cars per month–from the 4 critical strategies your sales team must master to the building blocks that took Charles Maund Toyota to 1000+ car sales per month to how to strategically drive customers to your dealership.


This insider’s guide is a must-read for any dealership ready to level up.


Topics include:

– 5 Steps to Creating a Winning Car Sales Team

– Components of an Effective Car Sales Process
– Our Most Effective 10-Step Auto Sales Process
– 6 Critical Car Salesmanship Skills
– 7 Critical Rules of Closing the Deal
– Top 10 Closing Mistakes in Automobile Sales
– How to Follow Up with Automobile Customers
– 20 Most Effective Ways to Increase Car Dealership Traffic
– The Basics of Great Customer Service in Car Sales


Do you know how to create a digital marketing strategy that grows your auto dealership month after month?


Chris Martinez’s approach helped grow the Charles Maund Toyota Dealership in Austin, Texas by approximately 680% in seven years. Developing an effective, scalable marketing strategy is every car dealership’s most pressing challenge. Yet most dealerships have no idea where to start or are spinning their wheels (and losing the majority of their marketing dollars) with ineffective strategies.


The Unfair Advantage will show you:


– The critical role branding your auto dealership plays in your long-term success


– why humanizing your dealership can make all the difference (and how to do it)


– the key area most dealerships are virtually ignoring (to the detriment of their long-term growth)


– how to develop a solid, effective, scalable marketing strategy that will take your dealership to the next level


– the reasons most dealerships fail to implement a successful marketing plan (so you can avoid them)


Whether you’re a car dealership owner, general manager, marketing team member or salesperson, this proven, repeatable and scalable approach to dealership marketing will get you back in the driver’s seat so that you’re positioned to skyrocket the growth of your auto dealership.