Gross – It’s a State of Mind

Gross is a state of mind. The first time I heard this I thought you know that guy might be on to something. The perceived value of anything is what someone is willing to pay. If you or your sales professional doesn’t believe the value of what he or she is selling then you will continue to have […]

Negotiate like a Closer

As a sales professional I’ve always looked to get better at my craft, and I’ve spent the last 16 plus years studying the craft in the Car Business. The 4 things a sales professional should master to level up their game are: 1.      Process 2.      Salesmanship 3.      Follow-up 4.      Close I’ve been telling my staff this 4 things for years. The […]

Car Sales Early Management Involvement (EMI) – The Deal Maker

car sales desk manager

Car Sales Early Management Involvement (EMI) – The Deal Maker ear·ly ˈərlē/ adjective happening or done before the usual or expected time. man·age·ment ˈmanijmənt/ noun the process of dealing with or controlling things or people in·volve·ment inˈvälvmənt/ noun the fact or condition of being involved with or participating in something. The most under utilized action […]