Negotiate like a Closer

As a sales professional I’ve always looked to get better at my craft, and I’ve spent the last 16 plus years studying the craft in the Car Business. The 4 things a sales professional should master to level up their game are:

1.      Process

2.      Salesmanship

3.      Follow-up

4.      Close

I’ve been telling my staff this 4 things for years. The one thing I have failed to articulate and show them how to draw out the objection in order to close the deal. Now asking for the sale is easy. Assumptive close is something I’ve always done and taught, just so long as you’ve done all the steps prior to the close. The saying “lay-downs are made not born” come from this practice. However, the following technique should be used with the more difficult customers to help you close the deal. Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss helped me understand that process. Here is one part of his technique you can use with the combination of the one I’ve used for years in the car business.

1.      Be seated

–         Always be seated. If you’re standing invite the customer back to the office and make sure all parties are seated. This will help you get back in control.

2.      Build Trust

–         As a closer the first thing you must do is build trust. Your sales professional has spent 1-2 hours with the customer and sometimes months. You have 1-2 minutes to transfer that trust from them to you. The best way to do this is by using the word “FAIR” in a phrase. Example: “I want you to feel like you’re being treated fair at all times. So, please stop me if you feel like I’m being unfair at any time so we can address it.” Chris Voss

3.      Clarify the deal

–         Always re-iterate the deal both the salesperson and the customer have come to. Simply by reaffirming the deal I’ve been able to close customers re-explaining it. Sometimes you will find the salesperson didn’t explain it properly for the customer to understand.

4.      Ask how and what questions to draw out any underlining objections

–         Examples: We unfortunately cannot agree to your terms… What else can we do to help move this deal forward? How can we get to that number knowing what the market values are?

5.      Mirror your customers

–         When you don’t like the answer, the customer has given you simply repeat the answer the customer said in an inquisitive way. Watch how you say it. Your tone should be low and slow. Pause after you’ve re said the phrase. You may have to do this several times.

6.      Get them to- that’s right! The aha moment.

–         Example: How did you arrive to this vehicle? What made you pick this vehicle?

7.      Ask for the sale – use your arsenal of closes.

Follow this process to help you win more times in the negotiation of the Game of Cars.  Learn more at DealerGrowthStrategies.com


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