Gross – It’s a State of Mind

Gross is a state of mind. The first time I heard this I thought you know that guy might be on to something. The perceived value of anything is what someone is willing to pay. If you or your sales professional doesn’t believe the value of what he or she is selling then you will continue to have […]

Negotiate like a Closer

As a sales professional I’ve always looked to get better at my craft, and I’ve spent the last 16 plus years studying the craft in the Car Business. The 4 things a sales professional should master to level up their game are: 1.      Process 2.      Salesmanship 3.      Follow-up 4.      Close I’ve been telling my staff this 4 things for years. The […]

High Performance Culture

High-Performance Culture How do you build a great Culture?  What type of Culture do you have?  I’ve been in the Car Industry going on 17 years and I’ve seen my fair share of the following types of cultures: Dog eat Dog – I’ve worked at the Dog eat Dog environment and although I excelled, I […]

FIXED Operations – Car Business

What are your Fixed Operations? The Fixed Operations department for car dealerships can be made up of the following positions: Fixed Operations Director Service Advisors Service BDC representative Service Drive Manager Main Shop Foreman Automotive Tech Master Tech Quick lube tech Quick Lube Managers Reconditioning Manager Cosmetic Supervisor Collision Manager Collision Estimators Body Technicians Paint […]


Car Dealers Mark-Up  Dealer Pre-Loads vs Market Adjustments With ever decreasing margin compression dealers are moving quick to help customers with more value adds to help not only the consumer, but their front-end margins. For years dealers had been adding things anywhere from leather, window tint, or nitrogen to vehicles to not only 1.    Help the consumer, […]

Shortage of Automotive Technicians

Shortage of Automotive Technicians. Has your dealership run into this? Have you figured out how to staff this important part of the service departments survival?  With unemployment as low as it is, it has definitely been the most challenging.  The light at the end of the tunnel… In the next 20 years Automotive Technicians, although still needed, […]

Car Dealers BDC model -Broken?

BDC/Internet Director I’ve personally always held the position in high regard. What fascinates me is how many dealers still haven’t moved to this model. If 90% of all customers shop online prior to going into a dealership why does your management team look like this: One BDC/Internet Director 2-5 desk managers plus floor managers The model is […]

Toyota recalls 1.7M vehicles in N. America to…

With headlines like this today could your dealership use an additional $2,000,000 a year and provide exceptional customer service? Did you know that the average dealer has 12,000 clients in their database? Did you know that of those 12,000 clients 25% have an open recall? With the average warranty ticket at $485 per customer that’s an astonishing […]

Automotive Data Mining the Broken Model

Automotive Data Mining the Broken Model Are you a dealer who has tried data mining solutions? Are you a dealer who has failed in data mining solutions? Like you I personally have experienced all the pitfalls you’ve faced when incorporating a data mining solution. What I found is the equity mining solutions in their current format takes too […]

Service – RECESSION Proof your dealership.

Service – RECESSION Proof your dealership. Are you ready for the next recession? I know this can sound gloomy, but statistically speaking a recession happens every 5-7 years, and technically we haven’t had one in 10 years. We’ve been preparing for the worst ever since the last recession and we’ve been able able to reduce […]