Car Dealers BDC model -Broken?

BDC/Internet Director

I’ve personally always held the position in high regard. What fascinates me is how many dealers still haven’t moved to this model. If 90% of all customers shop online prior to going into a dealership why does your management team look like this:

  • One BDC/Internet Director
  • 2-5 desk managers plus floor managers

The model is broken! Why would you have the majority of all your customers being focused on by 1 manager? Ideally your whole management staff should be helping convert all customers to sales. When you have the entire management team focused on conversions of all traffic, something incredible happens – you sell more cars. I understand you want the best managers in front of the customers that are live on the showroom, but let’s be honest: aside from Saturday there is some down time and your entire team should have a singular focus on finding car deals.

What makes a good BDC Director/Internet Director?

The ability to help the team with conversions and sell more cars.

Coach and train daily:

  • Listen to inbound calls – ALL hands on deck with this one. Your entire management team should help with this.
  • Ensure phone call guides are being followed to convert phone ups.
  • Hold team accountable on internet lead conversions.
  • Ensure appropriate response time to web leads via email, phone, text by preferably using video email and video text responses

I used to have an exercise with my BDC/Internet Directors and managers and guess what? It never failed. I would pick a random sales person and 9 times out of 10 it would go like this. “Why did little Johnny not make a phone call or text the customer as soon as the lead came in?” It fascinates me that sales people refuse to pick up the phone and call the web lead when a web lead comes in, or somehow manage to think it’s more important to stop the clock and send some bogus email instead of an email that will create a volley with the customer.

Imagine if you had your entire management team helping your sales staff be more efficient on conversions.

If the average dealer closes 10% of all web leads you are burning through 90% of all your opportunities. The best dealers close between 18-22% on web leads. Help your team get to those numbers and something amazing happens – you guessed it – you sell more cars!

If you want to win more times than not in the game of cars get your entire management staff on a singular focus of helping all your customers convert. Now go find some car deals.

If you would like to learn about the latest technology for BDC departments using artificial intelligence for Service or Sales please reach out for a demo at sales@cardoneautomotiveresources.com, or check us out in San Francisco at NADA booth #6609W


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