Car Dealers BDC model -Broken?

BDC/Internet Director I’ve personally always held the position in high regard. What fascinates me is how many dealers still haven’t moved to this model. If 90% of all customers shop online prior to going into a dealership why does your management team look like this: One BDC/Internet Director 2-5 desk managers plus floor managers The model is […]

Toyota recalls 1.7M vehicles in N. America to…

With headlines like this today could your dealership use an additional $2,000,000 a year and provide exceptional customer service? Did you know that the average dealer has 12,000 clients in their database? Did you know that of those 12,000 clients 25% have an open recall? With the average warranty ticket at $485 per customer that’s an astonishing […]

Automotive Data Mining the Broken Model

Automotive Data Mining the Broken Model Are you a dealer who has tried data mining solutions? Are you a dealer who has failed in data mining solutions? Like you I personally have experienced all the pitfalls you’ve faced when incorporating a data mining solution. What I found is the equity mining solutions in their current format takes too […]

Why the Desk Manager Fails!

Why the Desk Manager Fails, In the Car Business! Now I’ve been a desk manager myself and can honestly say I’ve failed at this plenty of times.  I just try to understand what I did wrong, so I don’t do it again!  In order to not repeat history keep these things in mind next time you’re trying […]

Don’t Let Me TAKE your Market Share!

Doubt is the Devil of Progress. I’ve been in the Car Business for over 15 years and attribute my success to trial and error.  Without it I would be stuck in the past. “Doing” you must start.  If you’re always letting doubt sit in your head, you’ll never move forward to progress in life.  For example, […]

Tactical Advice to Sell Cars Today

Tactical Advice to Sell Cars Today I understand when seeing this episode of Glen Gary Glen Ross, you may think here we go – the bully manager… That’s furthest from the truth. Reality is I use this excerpt specifically to get your attention. If you really want to sell cars today, then you must follow these […]

Look at that Finance Manager

Why Finance Managers Fail I’ve had the privilege of working with the top producers in the game and just like all of us no one is perfect. The sales team always understands if their manager says no or cannot get the deal done they need to bring me the car deal. The reason for it is I […]

Car Dealers Win the Retention Game

Car Dealers Win the Retention Game Winning the Retention Game Do you know your numbers? What is your Dealership Retention number in Sales and Service? How do you stack up against the market? The average loyalty according to IHS/RL Polk is 51.5% and the top 3 performers are: 1. Ford 64% 2. Mercedes 57.8% 3. […]

Coming Apocalypse in the Car Business

The coming Apocalypse in the Car Business Are you ready for the next recession? I’ve written about this topic in the past, and the reason some dealers won’t make the next recession, or didn’t survive the last one, is not because they don’t have a great product… it’s because they are not hyper focused on their […]


What ALL GM’s GSM’s should be doing so they don’t get complacent. Complacent:  showing smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements Now we’ve all seen the “5 year manager” or the manager who has done a great job, but like with every work out you have to change in order not to plateau. […]