Tactical Advice to Sell Cars Today

Tactical Advice to Sell Cars Today

I understand when seeing this episode of Glen Gary Glen Ross, you may think here we go – the bully manager… That’s furthest from the truth. Reality is I use this excerpt specifically to get your attention. If you really want to sell cars today, then you must follow these 4 things.

1.    Get away from the Circle – my favorite line to break up the circle is “let me ask you something, what does this have to do with selling cars.” Socializing is fun, but not when you’ve got to put in the work. If you’re going to be away from your family, significant other, or just the stuff you’d rather be doing… then focus while you’re at work on the things that will make you more successful.

2.     Get on the phone – Make a list of everyone you know and DO your daily workplan. I can’t stress this enough, and I hate to say, “when I was a salesman,” but here it goes… When I was on the floor I would push myself to make that 60-day call or the birthday call and call me lucky, but when I made these calls something miraculous happened. I’d set an appointment and sell them a car. Quit being afraid and pick up the phone!! 80 percent of it is just picking up the phone!

3.     Move – If you’re a floor salesperson or in the internet you have to keep moving. Find car deals. Have a plan to walk the floor at least 10 minutes every hour and the rest of the time prospect, but you have to keep moving. I have a great friend in the business that would always say, “if you focus just on the phones you’ll die on the phones.” You must do a little bit of everything. You want to know how I went to 30 cars a month faster than people who’ve been in the business for years? I focused on filling up my buckets. For example, can you sell at least 5 cars or more a month in these categories:

a.     Phone                    5

b.     Internet                 5

c.     Walk-in                  5

d.     Prospecting            5

e.     Referrals                5

f.      Service Customers   5

4.     Be prepared– know your inventory, have your paperwork in order, look professional and have good hygiene.

Get engaged, act. You already know what to do just start doing. If you can stick to these 4 basic fundamentals you will win more often in the game of cars.



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