Don’t Let Me TAKE your Market Share!

Doubt is the Devil of Progress.

I’ve been in the Car Business for over 15 years and attribute my success to trial and error.  Without it I would be stuck in the past. “Doing” you must start.  If you’re always letting doubt sit in your head, you’ll never move forward to progress in life.  For example, while most dealers are just sticking to the traditional forms of advertising, I’ve been able to help push dealerships to new heights using different audiences on Facebook and Instagram.  If you’re not using the following Audiences in conjunction with your DMS or CRM data today… someone like me will take your market share.

1.    Re-Targeting – Here are 3 ways to re-target clients you already have.

  1. Using Facebooks Pixel on your website you can re-target all your clients who have visited your website looking at a vehicle and serve them an ad with the same vehicle.
  2. Get all your un-sold clients for the past 6 months and upload them in Facebook and re-target them with ads.
  3. Put your emails to work by pulling all your customers who viewed your emails and re-target them with a message.

2.    Friends of Friends – You must be getting all of your sold clients and serving up ads to their friends of friends. I remember an older car guy telling me when I first got in the business that I should mail a letter to all the neighbors of my customers I sell cars to. With Facebook it’s gotten easier.

3.    Vehicle Specific Look-a-like – You can now target all the customers who purchased specific vehicles from you and create a look-a-like audience. For example, you can put all the customers who bought trucks from you and target customers who look like them on Facebook.

Put Facebook Audiences to work. Don’t go cheap either put relevant content… Videos perform better, but if you’re just doing pictures… get creative with your ads.  I’ve never understood why some dealers will spend a fortune on TV and Radio, but when it comes to Social Media, they try to do the cheapest possible. Remember you will get 10x the return on Social then you will on TV and Radio. At the end of the day stick to these few audiences and you’ll increase your retention and sell cars.


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