Toyota recalls 1.7M vehicles in N. America to…

With headlines like this today could your dealership use an additional $2,000,000 a year and provide exceptional customer service? Did you know that the average dealer has 12,000 clients in their database? Did you know that of those 12,000 clients 25% have an open recall? With the average warranty ticket at $485 per customer that’s an astonishing $1,455,000 sitting in your owner base waiting for someone to call. Let’s face it, you would have to hire 2 full time BDC agents just to make those calls and schedule them for service.

Does your dealership have the bandwidth to handle this many customers if all of the customers answered and schedule to come in, in the same month?  With BDC Dynos Service Dyno you now can seamlessly schedule these customers into your service drive.  With our automated SMS scheduling using Artificial Intelligence we can optimize your flow and fill in white space on your calendar and schedule these customers out months at a time. With our integration with Xtime we can now fill up your pipeline without picking up a phone. Well unless to call us 🙂

It get’s better… did you know that the average recall customer spends 50% in upsell opportunities and 6-10% actually trade in for a newer car? Not only do you have $1,455,000 just sitting waiting to be collected you also have 180-300 extra car deals for the month. At the average margins of today that’s an astonishing $450,000 to $750,000 in additional revenue. Could your dealership use an additional $2,000,000 a year? If you would like to learn more please reach out to sales@cardoneautomotiveresources.com


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