Shortage of Automotive Technicians

Shortage of Automotive Technicians.

Has your dealership run into this? Have you figured out how to staff this important part of the service departments survival?  With unemployment as low as it is, it has definitely been the most challenging.  The light at the end of the tunnel… In the next 20 years Automotive Technicians, although still needed, maybe need in a different capacity?

One of the ways I have always stressed the importance of buying an Extended Warranty was letting customers know that there are more than 10,000 moving parts in a typical internal combustion engine car. With Tesla having less than 150 moving parts the efficiency of the newer vehicles will mean less needed work.  Granted there will always be a need for technicians but staffing them won’t be as hard.

With artificial intelligence receptionists and service advisors will be reimagined. The roles will be similar but the functions will be different.

With current technology the roles have already enhanced or eliminated certain roles.

If you built a BDC that performs like our BDC Dyno does you would spend $12,500 a month just in human capital. You still wouldn’t see as big of a return as our technology.

$12,500 you might ask how?

Our current Service Dyno website scheduler has reduced calls by 50% allowing your dealership to either minimize the calls the service advisors are taking or 1 employee answering calls to the tune of $2500 a month. Our TARA assistant automates reminders and reschedules unconfirmed appointments saving you another full time employee making those calls to a tune of $2500 a month. With TARA and our Automated Outbound Scheduler (AOS system) we can automate all outreach for customer pay or another employee to the tune of $2500 a month. Now the biggest one we do is our Recall outreach. With 25% of the dealers owner base having open recalls our TARA assistant, using our AOS system, can send Text messages to all open Recall customers in the dealers database and schedule appointments and fill up your white space on your calendar. This would take 2 full time employees making thousands of calls @ $5000 a month. The real story here is not only do you save $12,500 a month in human expense we’ve been able to generate well over $2,500,000 in annual revenue to a dealership.

If you want to start getting your dealership into the next level of service and learn more please email sales@cardoneautomotiveresources.com for a complete demo.


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