Car Dealers Mark-Up
 Dealer Pre-Loads vs Market Adjustments

With ever decreasing margin compression dealers are moving quick to help customers with more value adds to help not only the consumer, but their front-end margins. For years dealers had been adding things anywhere from leather, window tint, or nitrogen to vehicles to not only

1.    Help the consumer, but

2.    To give more VALUE adds to keep their margins

Dealers have been marking up or putting addendums to MSRP’s since the beginning. I’ve personally added products like window tint and nitrogen, because of the Texas heat customers always expect window tint. We’ve put nitrogen, because when it gets cold the service drive is lining up with customers needing to add air due to tire light coming on.

Market adjustments are rare, but only when there is a 1 of 1. For example the New Toyota Supra went for an astonishing 2.1 million dollars heres a link to check it out


I’ve been vetting out different products for the last 6 months, and the one that has stood head and shoulders above the rest is Permaseal Tire Sealant. With its run flat technology, the tire is guaranteed not to go flat due to nails going through the tire tread.

More importantly when it gets cold, they won’t be lining up in your service drive just to add air. Sound too good to be true. I thought the same until I found out I wasn’t alone.  Jay Leno from Jay Leno’s Garage also had the same skepticism. In fact, he had them test it out in his garage. Here’s a link to see how it went

What was even more shocking is the list of current clients:

The following City municipalities



Kern county

Perin county



Long beach police

San Diego sheriff’s department

Houston on the construction division

Fort hood

USA national guard

United states air force


Red path mining

U-Haul Australia

Ok tires company overseas

Gardner truck

Htk industries

Rns industries

Waco county

Prein county

City of Nashville

Tennesee trucking association

City of Dallas

City of Arkansas

Oster camp

Permaseal pacific

Mitsubishi if Anaheim

Mitsubishi of corona

Curter fencing in Texas

Conakar equipment limited in Calgary Canada

Brazil bus line in rio de Janeiro

And many many more in the country of Brazil


Many accounts

Columbia many accounts in these regions

Comdats Laguna in Mexico

Waste management in Santa Barbara

Coca cola in Monterrey

And many others.

When I saw this, I was shocked, why aren’t more consumers aware of this product. It turns out it’s not that easy to install as a consumer. You have to put it on a lift and remove the valve core to put the product in.  In fact, it’s recommended to be installed by a certified mechanic. Usually takes 15 minutes to install and increases the tire life by 25%. More importantly its guaranteed to not go flat or if it does, they will replace the tire. Pretty incredible right. If you would like to become an authorized dealer or learn more, please DM me and I’ll get you information as soon as possible.

Get the Value Add that’s a win, win for you and your customers.


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