Service – RECESSION Proof your dealership.

Service – RECESSION Proof your dealership.

Are you ready for the next recession? I know this can sound gloomy, but statistically speaking a recession happens every 5-7 years, and technically we haven’t had one in 10 years. We’ve been preparing for the worst ever since the last recession and we’ve been able able to reduce expense and increase our net profit.

Do you have a service BDC? Or are you actively looking to create one? With unemployment at an unprecedented 3.5% looking for people or keeping them is getting harder and harder. We’ve been able to reduce headcount in our dealership and maximize our efficiency to drive up our net profit. Here are a few ways we’ve been able to use artificial intelligence to do this very thing.

  1. Did you know that your current Desktop website service scheduling system is flawed?

In fact the average conversion is 50%. Meaning every time a customer goes to your website to schedule service it only converts at 50%. Why? Because the current solutions are so hard to schedule that they end up picking up the phone to call the dealership.

2. Did you know that your current Mobile service scheduling is flawed.

With mobile usage for dealership websites reaching upwards of over 70% and climbing, it’s never been more important than today to have a better mobile site. The problem with the service scheduler on mobile is conversions are at 15%. This means instead of scheduling service on the mobile website they are just clicking to call your dealership. This is adding unnecessary call volume to the dealership and requiring the dealer to add more employees to handle the call volume.

With all this call volume it gives less time to make outbound calls to the low hanging fruit. Much less time to call appointment reminders or confirmations. With the amount of money that is sitting outside of the dealership waiting to bring in, you have to hire a team of people to be effective. That means you have some people knowing exactly when your dead times are and fill them. Especially if your a dealer with only 20-30 bays there is only so much your team can do.

That’s why we invented BDC Dyno for Service. Current solutions take upwards of 8 minutes to schedule a service appointment online. We’ve been able to reduce the schedule time to under 30 seconds. With our website scheduling AI it accomplishes 5 things:

  1. Our predictive scheduling allows conversion of appointments on mobile and desktop by knowing which vehicle the customer is calling in about. It doesn’t require your customers to add unnecessary or redundant information. For example if your customer owns 3 vehicles from your dealership it can accurately predict which vehicle is due for service.
  2. It also knows which service the customer should be calling in about to minimize the amount of questions it asks.
  3. We’ve been able to reduce the call volume to the dealer by 50%.
  4. With our automated outreach we’ve been able to reach out to existing customers via sms and bring in more customer pay traffic.
  5. With our automated appointment reminder and rescheduler, we send out automated confirmation reminders and if they don’t confirm we automatically communicate using Artificial Intelligence to reschedule.

If you already have a service BDC this will amplify your current situation and will be a way you can reduce or repurpose your team to drive up your net profit. If you don’t have a service BDC this will increase your efficiency without having to add new employees. It’s a win win either way. This won’t entirely help you dodge a recession but with the amount of service customers you will bring into your service drive it will definitely help you increase your sales side as well, with the help of our BDC Dyno for Sales. If you would like to learn more on how we can help you 10X your dealerships service revenue please email sales@cardoneautomotiveresources.com


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