The Drive to 30: Your Ultimate Guide to Selling More Cars Than Ever




The Car Sales industry is in a historically phenomenal position.  As nationwide car sales numbers continue to climb, however, many car dealerships still struggle and eventually close.  The dealerships that continue to dominate the market year after year, making the most of the potentially explosive growth, are the ones that truly understand the most effective approach to sales.

In this guide to selling more cars than ever, Chris Martinez shares the strategies, approaches and mindsets that, as the manager of one of the most successful dealerships in the nation (and a former 30-car-per-month salesperson before that), have enabled him to sell more cars than ever.

Topics include:

  • The 4 keys to successful sales
  • The 10 steps of a successful sales process
  • 10 sales mistakes to avoid like the plague
  • The importance of Knowing your numbers
  • Top 10 Closing Mistakes
  • Secrets to mastering sales Follow-up
  • 13 steps to increase your visibility


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