Complaint or Objection

Complaint or Objection

By definition a Complaint is a statement that a situation is unsatisfactory or unacceptable.

Objection is an expression or feeling of disapproval or opposition; a reason for disagreeing.

In sales we look at complaints or statements as true objections, when the customer is merely saying a statement. We end up creating or fixating on this statement and continue to try to appease the statement and this is where we can fail. This was brought to my attention by studying the principles of Grant Cardone. He breaks it down pretty well in his training and I highly recommend it.

Here is a trick to figure out if it’s an objection vs a complaint:

  • I agree with you no one likes that let’s move forward
  • Agree, acknowledge and move on.

The more time you spend on a complaint the more you build it up and it ends up being an objection or way to convince the customer they no longer need or want the product you’re trying to sell them.

If you stick to this basic principle you’ll be able to do 3 things:

  1. Be able to weed through all the complaints
  2. Find out what the true objection is
  3. Focus on the close.

Now let’s get back to selling.


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