Why Do Managers Fail?

The manager is supposed to lead his team to accomplish the given task by the company or the owner. Often the manager is the reason the team loses great people or loses for the company. Some of the key identifiers you must be aware of and act on quickly are the following:

1.   Bad attitude

·      This one is a big one. If you cannot identify when one of your managers has a bad attitude then you need to evaluate your whole position. Don’t be afraid to tackle this one head on and quickly

2.   Only think of themselves

·      When they think only of themselves and what’s in it for them only, this is a sign of someone looking to leave or not paying attention to the team’s bottom line.

3.   Afraid to make tough decisions

·      When the managers are afraid to make the decisions necessary to cut the “fat” or to performance manage their under performers, they need to go. We have a saying in the car business “Don’t let your people fire you.” If you don’t make these decisions, you’re the problem.

4.   Think their bigger than the team

·      When the employee thinks their bigger than the team they need to go. You must higher managers that want to win together with a team and lead your employees to the next level.

5.   Don’t share the teams vision

·      “Surround yourself with people on the same mission as you.” You must all share the same vision or they will act like a cancer and spread. These people are the ones who talk behind everyone’s back and talk bad about the strategy. They need to go.

6.   Don’t want to change

·      If you have a manager that pushes change and makes excuses why the old way is the best, they’ll never see your vision.

7.   Don’t evolve

·      Managers must evolve with the company and continue to help be the solution for change. All companies evolve whether they like it or not.

8.   Afraid to delegate

·      Not to allow their subordinates to grow, they must go. Delegate by definition – 1. entrust (a task or responsibility) to another person, typically one who is less senior than oneself. They must delegate tasks to get your team to the next level and grow

9.   Try to do everything

·      When managers try to take on all the responsibilities it creates a work load that cannot be sustained and will create a manager that will start feeling underappreciated and lose the original vision.

10.          Blame everyone but themselves for failing

·      This is when they’ve become the cancer. They think the owner or the corporate managers don’t know what they’re doing and apply the blame to everyone else but themselves.

If you can identify these characteristics of mangers earlier on and correct them you can turn a failing manager into a good manager, and keep your team growing strong.


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