Digital Marketing Blueprint: A Car Dealer’s Guide to Selling More Cars




From the author of Driving Sales, The Drive to 30, The Unfair Advantage & The Rainmaker and the author of The 7 Minute Setup (two of the most forward-thinking minds in Retail Automotive) comes a simple yet highly effective approach to leveraging the power of digital marketing in order to sell more cars.

Car dealership leaders are still heavily reliant on traditional methods to market and advertise vehicles. Sometimes, those methods are applied to digital formats, and these approaches–which are quickly becoming not only too costly but also ineffective–exhaust millions of dollars. Further, dealers surviving on a limited budget often find themselves increasingly helpless at the hands of what they think is “strategic marketing advice” from “gurus who know way more about this stuff than I do.”

Put simply, dealers can’t remain isolated from or ignorant of the digital world. They need to onboard, analyze, and hone their digital strategies in order to stay afloat. Car dealerships that embrace the power of digital marketing will thrive.

Throughout Digital Marketing Blueprint, Martinez & Lopes answer questions and remove overwhelm while giving dealers a proven blueprint for building their digital marketing strategy.

With over 18 years in the automotive industry (11 in strategic marketing for dealer growth), Retail Automotive Executive Chris Martinez has seen tremendous success with these methods. He helped a single Toyota store go from selling 150 vehicles to over 1,000 vehicles a month and got similar results at multiple dealerships selling multiple brands. These strategies have taken his current auto group from an average of 400 to 650 units a month, during a pandemic and a massive, industry-wide inventory shortage.

With over 40 years in Retail Automotive (he started working at car dealerships when he was 11 years old), Frank J. Lopes has led multiple dealerships, selling multiple brands in markets across the US to double- and triple-digit increases while utilizing his methods of sales strategies, marketing, merchandising, advertising, and opportunity handling. He was the first and only marketing agent for Gary Vaynerchuk, and he currently runs one of the premier Digital Marketing Agencies in Retail Automotive, which is also one of the most successful sales strategy, coaching, and training companies in the space.

Martinez & Lopes have worked together at multiple dealerships, generating triple-digit percentage sales increases each and every time.


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