The Closer: The Automotive Professional’s Guide to Closing the Deal




Do you want to be a master closer?

Chris Martinez first entered the automotive sector in 2003, focused on becoming the top seller at his dealership. Not only did he achieve that objective, but he’s also spent the last 20 years helping salespeople nationwide enhance their sales skills and advance their careers.

An industry leader, Chris has a demonstrated ability to increase sales and profitability, turn around underperforming operations, implement innovative processes, and teach salespeople–both inexperienced and seasoned–exactly how to get more customers to say “Yes!”

In short, he knows about the art of closing more deals.

In this informative guide, you will discover:

✓ Why many sales closers fail (so you can avoid common pitfalls and mistakes)

✓ The most effective negotiation tactics and objection management skills in use today

✓ How to employ closing techniques the industry’s top earners rely on every single day

If you’re ready to become the ultimate closer, get ready for Martinez’s experience- and insight-filled perspective to take your closing skills from adequate to extraordinary.


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