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Imagine buying a car online without a salesperson. This is what the industry is moving towards in a big way. Cox Automotive has bought the whole distribution channel and if they can align them all together, they just might be able to accomplish this very thing. Automotive companies are acquiring AI developers at a records pace and are moving to automate more interactions with the car dealers with consumers in a big way. There are companies like the Automotive Mastermind that are scoring customers on their intent to buy and encouraging salespeople to call only those intenders. There are other companies that have chat bots that chat with customers only to get their information to pass onto a salesperson. Then there are companies like Conversica that have an email “AI” that gives “if this, then that” scenarios of commonly communicated emails and engages with a client to pass on to a salesperson.

What does this all mean? It means that with all the AI the auto industry is developing, the Salesperson as we now know it won’t exist. Companies like CarMax, AutoNation, EchoPark (Sonic Automotive), Vroom are all moving to hourly or salary specialist. If you take CarVana they’ve eliminated the salesperson all together. Today there are still many groups that still believe on the one on one experience of the Automotive Sales Professional, but for how long? With the recent acquisition of Whole Foods Amazon shows what kind of disruption is possible and with Warren Buffet getting into the automotive space, who knows… One thing is certain no matter what happens in this industry there will always be room for great Sales Professionals, so continue to train daily and perfect your craft.


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