ClickFunnels-Gary Vaynerchuk’s 3 Life Lessons

I was going to break this down because this is what I really feel for my kids, but just hearing it in Gary’s own words, it’s too good to mess it up. I didn’t grow up an immigrant, but growing up in an area or the people I was surrounded with wasn’t an ideal setting. Sure, I had people throughout the way that tried to plant seeds in me to level up, but it wasn’t loud enough and the negative influences were just bigger. I work every day to ensure my message is loud enough to my kids. If you want anything in life you must work for it. I will give them a leg up in life and make it loud enough so that they understand that they must be kind and do things the right way. It is easy to cheat to win, but it’s more important that they understand that winning without cheating is everything, and the right thing to do is always the right thing to do. Don’t ever let the negative influences be louder than the good.

Here is Gary Vanerchuk’s 3 Life Lessons for his kids in his own words:

I used to make fun of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates in my head, like you’re going to donate 99% of your money, you know it’s funny you talk shit until you live shit. Now I’m like I don’t want to give these kids shit fuck that, because rich kids have a huge disadvantage because when I wanted Sega Genesis in 1989 my mom said cool go get it. Right, when I wanted to go to a Knicks game I had to sell baseball cards and sit on the fucken top row, fucken Carmelo’s coming over to my Hampton’s house to play with Xander, it’s fucked up… So, I don’t know what, but here are the things I give a fuck about, Number 1. More than anything and I will kill them murder go to jail they have to be kind – kindness is the most important, Number 2. If I ever see them even inkling even an innuendo, a subtle little joke of imposing my or my wife’s wealth on somebody else because they think their part of that I will break their fucking neck. And then number 3. I will not raise them in the political correct environment we live in now they know there is no such thing as 4th place trophies or participation prizes.

So, Now if they want to be non-profit, look their going to look at daddy’s mountain and their going to be like fuck that or they may do what I do, my dad’s seem big -mines going to be a hell of lot bigger, but like other people have made it bigger than me and kids have done this- they’re going to look at that and they’re going to say fuck that I’m going the other way I’m building schools in Afghanistan or fuck it I’m going to climb that mountain and I’m going to stick it to big mouth I don’t care I don’t need my kids to be entrepreneurs I just need them to be as lucky as I.. My mom, I got d’s and f’s every immigrant got good grades in the 80’s there’s a couple people a little older here there was no entrepreneurship school, good school, that was it my mom spit, spit  in the faces of all those parents that made fun of my d’s and f’s and gave me air cover to be me and it really fucken worked out not only for me but the world became it right if my kids want to paint in tomato sauce I will back them till the earths end as long as that’s why they are really doing it not because they’re doing something to run away from something or something of that nature – so blind support so long as they are kind.

When I heard this at the gym this morning at 5 am I felt strongly that this is the mantra I want to instill in my kids. I like how he outlined it and think we need to continue to “make positivity louder.”


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