The Leader-Understanding the Team

The stages of team formation according to Bruce Tuckman in 1965 is there are 4 which are Forming – Storming – Norming – Performing – and the 5th one was later added and called Adjourning.

I’ve used these stages to determine how to manage certain teams and to know that the same things happen in relationships, but that’s a different article 😊

By knowing these basic principles I’ve been able to navigate through each stage to get better results in team building. As you level up on your goals, to expand, you see the same stages happen to the team. It happens when you add new players at any level.

The biggest one I hadn’t really dealt well with was the 5th stage adjourning. This stage is when everyone is performing and they want to naturally move up the ladder or move onto a bigger team. “The grass is greener phase.” What happens most of the time is some car dealers or organizations have no plans for expansion and the performers naturally move on. For the dealers who have a vision for expansion this can be a crucial mistake for the player who jumps ship. They fail to realize this is where strong foundations are made and give the player an opportunity to leap forward or level up in life as the company expands. Most players can’t stand the delay and in any good game of chess you must learn patience and look 10 moves ahead.  You may not be able to make all 10 moves and will have to pivot and change plays but the idea is to continue to move forward to level up or win the game.

When identifying this stage the following 3 things will happen:

  1. Keep winning or performing longer
  2. You can keep your top players, only if you have a clear vision of where they will be with you on your journey of expansion.
  3. You can continue your vision

If you identify this stage too late, you can lose some key players that can propel your vision, and this can be detrimental for the leader.

If you can identify these stages and more importantly identify the “Adjourning” stage you can keep your team together longer and keep your key players winning in the game of life and cars.


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