EMI -Early Management I? – The Floor Manager

The 3 I’s of EMI:

I was asked to breakdown EMI by a seasoned manager, as he was never taught… When he told me this a 17 year veteran I thought he was pulling my chain. I really couldn’t believe he didn’t understand. When I asked what he thought it meant I was floored. Rather than get upset because he’s been one of my managers for 4 years now, I simply pulled him aside and reminded him of what it meant. Shame on me for not going over it with his manager more often.  I broke it down in 3 different scenarios.

1.      Early Management Introduction – Of course he thought this one was all you had to do to say you’re involved as a manager. This one although important isn’t what makes a floor manager in the car business. This is where you have an opportunity to say hello and maybe do a quick ice breaker to let the customer know you’re there to help.

2.      Early Management Involvement – This is where the manager gets involved to see where they may be able to get the customer steered in the right direction. Generally, this is where the sales manager does a quick needs assessment to make sure the salesperson is on the right path.

3.      Early Management Intervention – This step is when the Salesperson has clearly taken the customer on the wrong path and where the floor manager needs to get a more seasoned sales professional to stream line the process for the customer.

EMI is a very important step and is why the Floor Manager is needed. Consider the Desk Manager the quarter back and the Floor Manager your wide receiver. Very important roles that should not be taken lightly. If your floor manager isn’t doing this redirect them asap and you’ll find more car deals on your showroom than you ever thought.


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