Have Bad Credit -Don’t do this

5 Things not to do when trying to buy a car with Bad Credit

I’ve been in the car business for over 14 years and surprisingly this information is needed. When you have challenges on your credit, or times you weren’t able to make your payments on time, this is for you.

1. Don’t quit your job. — Surprisingly people get a new car and quit the same day or the next day of buying a car. You must keep your job until your first payment minimum.

2. Make sure all your phone numbers are accurate

  • Home number
  • Work number
  • Cell number

Not sure why people change their numbers or just give false information. If you want to keep the car and not get it repossessed make sure the lienholder can get a hold of you.

3. Don’t lie on your application.

  • The lenders will call all your references
  • The lenders will ask you to prove everything

4. Make sure your driver’s license is current

5. Have realistic expectations

  • Don’t think your going to buy a Lamborghini

Aside from the unfortunate things that happen. Stick to being honest and not avoiding the inevitable. Make your payments on time and you’ll be able to qualify for more car, a newer model and something more reliable.

Share this information with your special finance team and help get your deals funded faster.


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