The Art of the Turn

The Art of the Turn

What is the “turn guy” or “Closer?” My opinion it’s a senior salesperson or manager that knows how to ask the right questions to help move the process of the sale into a deal.

What makes a good a one? – I’ve been ask this before and I thought I would break down the process for you. It’s much like starting the sales process but in 5 easy steps:

1.      Intro/Greeting – you must be able to get their attention here and have them understand you have the authority to make decisions. This can be easily done by shaking their hand with a smile and letting them know you are a Floor Manager and are able to help them move forward in the process.

2.      Build Rapport – my Facebook friend Nathan Walker coined the phrase “5 minute friend,” and this is one way to look at being able to build rapport. Find common ground quickly and then transition into step 3

3.      Qualifying questions – these can vary depending on where you’re taking the turn- but they are the same questions you must ask regardless

  1. Did you have an opportunity to drive this vehicle? Very important, if they haven’t stop the conversation and sell them on test driving the vehicle.
  2. What features did you like the most? You must get them thinking about how much they liked their new vehicle.
  3. Did we appraise your current vehicle? You’ll be surprised that the customer forgot their trade and this is an opportunity (if your dealership allows it) to do a “sight unseen” appraisal
  4. What features did you like about that vehicle? – this is important because it can help you determine if you’re on the right vehicle.

4.      Ask the tough questions. One of the questions I’ve been able to personally ask that have made me close the deal more times then not is, “Why don’t you want to buy this vehicle.” You’ll be surprised how often that will work. Grant Cardone has an arsenal of closes in the “Closer’s Survival Guide.” Highly recommend it.

5.      Ask for the sale – I’ve seen more people talk past the sale and forget to simply close the deal. Again, pick up a copy of the “Closer’s Survival Guide,” study it and you too can master the art.

If you follow these 5 critical steps as a turn person then you will be one of the elite sales professionals in the Car Business.


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