The 13th Month in the Car Business

The 13th Month

In the Car Business we’ve always been told that the last week of the year is incredible. Arguably the busiest week of the year. The reason they call it the 13th month because the amount of business done in this week is almost close to what you can do in an entire month. I never try to rely on this week in December and it has yet to fail us so far. I’m in the firm belief that you work every day like it’s your last day and at the end of the month when the dust settles you should have had a strong month no matter what month.

Are you prepared?

Doing a quick health check of your advertising and your team should be something you do every month, but be ready. Follow these 3 steps to stay consistent year round.

  1. Do you have the right amount of inventory?

Every year without exception at the end of the week of the 13th month I ask “why didn’t we get more inventory.” Well this year we might have too much… our team has been pushing from every angle to ensure this. Sometimes I’ve got to be honest I scare myself a little and then I smile and just keep moving forward 🙂 I’ll let you know how it turns out in the comments next month.

2. Is your message clear on all channels?

I’ve been reading a lot of vendors talk about Social media, which we do our fair share, but is your message consistent on TV, Radio, Google/YouTube, OTT, and Social? It must+ be from Branding, Price and Lead generation be sure that your name with your new car franchise is telling your story. With the industry being as fragmented as it is, it takes everyone working together everyday.

3. Sales and Service Teams Ready?

You must ensure your Accounting, Service and Sales Teams are all ready. Be sure to do quick huddles daily to ensure you inspect what you expect to have a strong finish.

Work on these 3 things monthly and you’ll ensure a strong year every year making every month the 13th month and your career in the Car Business a fruitful one.


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