I’m Just Looking!

I’ve encountered this time and time again and the only real way I’ve been able to overcome this and helped my customers bring their defenses down is by applying the following approach, “information day.” Now I didn’t invent this method however I found this on YouTube years ago. I was trying to find the person that created it, so I can thank him for putting it on there. This helped me transition more people into “just looking” into “I wasn’t planning on buying today, but wow thank you for helping me.”

The approach: Make sure you have a smile and a positive attitude when you attempt to greet the customer. Time and time again I’ve seen more sales people fail because they failed to start with this checkup first.

The pitch: When a customer says, “I’m just looking,” tell them “no problem, my job is not to sell you a car, my job is to help you find the vehicle that will best suit your needs. We know statistically most people don’t buy on the first day and that’s why we have an information day. This way we can show you all the available options for the vehicle your looking for and it gives you an opportunity to get your vehicle appraised and give you all the information you need to take home to make a good decision.”

The transition: Once you’ve finished this statement roll right into the Needs Assessment. Here are 5 questions that can help with the transition:

1.      What are your plans for your current vehicle?

2.      What features did you like about your current vehicle?

3.      Did you want the same options on your new vehicle?

4.      What are some must haves and nice to have on your new vehicle/

5.      What budget did you have in mind? (Disclaimer: I know some old school managers don’t want salespeople asking this question, however why wait for hours to discuss it, your better off building credibility in the beginning and getting it out of the way so you can help your customer save time and money.)

So, if you want to sell more customers- use this method. The “Information day” has proven very successful for myself and my team over the years and we’ve been able to help people in the buying process because of it. It works just as well for people who call in or send in an internet lead 🙂


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