People are the Variable

People are the variable

With the right processes you can run a dealership.

To run a number 1 dealership the people are the variable. With the right people in the right positions you can take an average dealership or business and make it extraordinary. It starts from the top buying into this vision. Like in any professional environment you have to pay for the right players.

The right players-

This doesn’t mean the egotistical players that are great at what they do, but fail to work in a team environment. I believe strongly on growing your people, but for the right players that can bring experience and the right attitude they are worth their money.

I’ve seen it time and time again in this business where a winning team is formed and somewhere along the way something breaks it up and the stores go backwards, or go back to average.

Most of the time key players think their bigger than the team and try to go on their own. When – if they stayed with their team (that allowed them to be great) they would still be winning.

The Ego-

The egotistical players can become a cancer and try to sway the team. These players have to go as soon as possible before they create more problems.

In order to build the team look for the “untrainables” in your people.

Here are 3 characteristics of an untrainable:

1. Desire – this is the person who wants to win, and drives to be or have their team be the best

2. Integrity – someone that wants to win without cheating and lives for a higher standard

3. Self-Management – being able to leave your team and know the work will get done without you having to watch their every move

Look for these 3 traits and you’re on your way to form and build a stronger team.


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