Meetings in the Car Business (The Huddle)

Meetings in the Car Business (The Huddle)

Do you have daily meetings?  Are you having more meetings than your team can handle?  Are you having meetings just to have meetings?  If you’ve run into these types of questions here is a quick tip on all of these questions.

Ideally if you want to have productive meetings or “huddles” like we like to call them then you should be having them every couple of hours.

Too many?  You have to continue to re-engage your team and keep them focused.  According to https://www.learningsolutionsmag.com/articles/1440/brain-science-focuscan-you-pay-attention the average attention span of an adult is limited to 20 minutes if your lucky and 5 minutes if you’re not so lucky.  By having a huddle every couple of hours throughout the day you’ll be able to see the following:

5 talking points to a successful huddle

  1. Who is staying on task -role call
  2. How many customers you’ve had and what you’ve done with your customers
    1. Internet
    2. Phone
    3. Walk-in
  3. How many outbound calls has your team made – Daily Workplan/Prospecting Calls
  4. How many have converted to an appointment
  5. How many appointments have shown vs missed appointments – how many rescheduled

Staying on top of your business is crucial to keeping your team focused and making money.  If you do not inspect what you expect it won’t get done.  Keeping your finger on the pulse is crucial to your success.  These quick 5 talking points will keep your team in the game.


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