When Overthinking Costs you Money

When overthinking costs you money

We’ve all seen the “Finance Manager” that wants to “Structure” a deal or look at the customers credit and play banker. These are the ones that cost you time and money.

“Paralysis by Analysis” Too much information and you end up talking yourself out of moving forward.

Most of the time these managers over think and analyze the situation. I have found over the last 14+ years in this business that the more you think about it the less likely you will submit the application to the bank and try to get an approval.

I’ve seen it time and time again that the less credit worthiness a customer and the less likely “you” think they’ll get approved, a simple 2 minute submission of an application turns into an approval. Don’t cost yourself money or a happy customer. We’ve won more times from other dealers by simply not over thinking the application and just letting the lenders make the decision. The mantra is “keep going until the bank says no or yes.”

If you can stick to this basic philosophy you will win more than lose, and keep customers coming back.


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