The Car Dealer Agency

The Car Dealer Agency

How many ad agencies does a dealership need? With the market so fragmented we use 3 and they are the best in the industry. We also handle everything else internally.  We leveraged their talents and ours to take our dealership to one of the top Toyota Dealers in the country. Last year we sold 10,403 vehicles and we we’re able to do it leveraging their talents and using our software to cut our marketing budget to less than half of what NADA says the average dealer spends in marketing. Don’t get me wrong all our agency’s can to a certain extent do it all, but what I’ve found is to be nimble and move at the speed of the market you must have a team that can hyper focus in certain areas to move the needle.

Traditional Ad Agency – this is what I refer to as TV/Radio and OTT. This is a big task and involves a lot of moving pieces. The company we use for this does it better and leverages their buying power to do it more cost effective than anyone we’ve used.

Digital Ad Agency – This is such a big area, but how we’ve broken it down is they handle all our google analytics and website company. In the Toyota environment you cannot make mistakes on our website data or else it can cost us big. Our agency for this is the best in this arena and with their hyper focus on this, it has helped us become more nimble with our other marketing efforts.

Social Ad Agency – All things Facebook and Instagram. These two platforms have the largest audiences and the way you can target specific data sets is a full-time job. Our team on this used to work for Facebook and with their insight it has helped us reach more people frequently better than anyone.

In-house Agency – if we decide to do “Mail” we handle it in-house. Lead providers, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram influencers and the day to day strategy for outbound communication is handled by our internal team. For the dealer who doesn’t like to get in the game you won’t like this. However, for the dealer who likes to oversee their destiny and is in the game, this is a must.

Although these methods are not how most dealers handle their strategy, we’ve found it the most effective way to move at the speed of the market.


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