The Rise of AI – Death of a Salesman

The Rise of AI

Death of a Salesman

Now these are some catchy phrases, but what does it mean to the car industry. I know the Vending Machines of today are trying to get rid of the human interaction, but for me it’s how to help the Sales Professional be more efficient. 

There are 4 skills the Sales Professional must have to have the title “Professional” theyare:

  1. Process – AI will only help streamline certain parts of the process to help the Sales Professional be more efficient. For example, when certain parts of the process are automated and when they start implementing voice into CRM’s to make things easier to load versus typing. On a side note: No more paperwork.. How many trees have to die before we can finally go virtual on all of this anyway:)
  2. Salesmanship – Mirroring your customer has never been easier with Social Media. With what Facebook is creating and their language-based AI it helps you communicate with any type of customer. You can quickly learn something about your clients before you’ve ever met to be able to speak to them on their level.
  3. Follow up- The more automated follow-up for your salesperson the better. It gets them handling customers returning contacts than initiating contact.
  4. Closing – When the salesman can pull up facts and data instantly to help the customer make a sound decision, what normally could take some customer days of research is now instant.

So, don’t be afraid of the new technology embrace them. This will take your skills to the next level and can help the average sales person be better and best Sales People become stronger.


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