Car Dealers Call Center

Car Dealers Call Center

What is the Car Dealers Call Center or BDC?

Business Development Center

Do you use appointment setters? Do you use salespeople who help from start to finish? Whichever way you develop or nurture your current customers or new customers you must have your team trained to do so.

Disclaimer: As I write this I’m fully aware that our team is not perfect and can and do drop the ball from time to time. I am constantly keeping myself and our team aware of this. The teams with the least number of mistakes win the games.

We have a high focus on these areas and attribute this to one of our successes in the dealership. We have 3 Business Development Centers. One for New Cars, one for Used Cars, and one for Service. Everyone of them plays a key role in developing existing clients and acquiring new customers. We also have a system in place to nurture our existing clients with our floor sales staff to help boost our Sales Retention. Our mantra is “if you’re not with a customer, you’re prospecting.”

Focus on the following 4 streams in your BDC and you will blow up your Service and Sales Retention

1. Leads — ASAP shoot for under a minute.

2. Phone ups — Call Review- you must ensure these clients are treated with care. If they are not converted to an appointment, ensure your management team is reviewing the calls to get involved and potential win back the customer.

3. Daily Work Plans — These are important. It’s a way to mine your existing data but to ensure your customers are being followed up with.

4. Prospecting — data mining — when you utilize the proper tools to ensure your customers are being reached the better you can increase retention.

At the end of the day there’s still a people element to all of this. You must inspect what you expect and monitor and train daily. The team with the least number of mistakes win the game. If you have the proper measurements in place you can ensure that your customers are being taken care of from all angles.


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