Leadership Principles

Love your people- I just recently listened to Art Williams of Primerica and his message resonated with me. Build relationships with your people. This guy and his team were able to amass an organization of over 225,000 employees and the level of respect that he had for all his people and they had of him is truly inspiring. He loves his people and treats them like his children from his time as a high school coach. A true Entrepreneur in leadership as a coach.

Robert Kiyosaki said it best:

“A coach isn’t your friend. A coach is there to push you beyond what you thought was possible or what you wouldn’t do on your own.”

When you have both concepts of loving your people in a way you would your children, then you have to consider the following 3 things in order to push your people:

1.    Motivate

2.    Encouragement

3.    And being brutally honest when they’re failing.

a.     This may hurt both parties, but it’s part of the process of getting better.

i.     Remember the muscle only grows when it tears… Note: I don’t believe in browbeating, however I do believe in being honest and this sometimes hurts more than browbeating.

Business Dictionary definition is –

1.    lead through collaborating than through directing. Also, sometimes called coordinator, facilitator, or mentor.

2.    To encourage and train someone to accomplish a goal or task

This in my opinion sums it up- if you want to be a successful Leader, in any industry, Coach your people. Love them like you would your children and lead them into ways they wouldn’t have thought possible or they wouldn’t do on their own.


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