‘Humans are Underrated’ in the Car Business

‘Humans Are Underrated’ in the CarBusiness

In the Car Business there has been talk of sales people going away or repurposed. Carvana is seeing the results of not having sales professionals in their business and still some AI companies have been touting they can replace people. In my recent article https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/rise-ai-death-salesman-chris-martinez/ I talked specifically how using AI as an enhancement only or an assistant is the only way I personally see us using AI in this industry to sell cars. Companies for years have used AI or chatbots when customers call in and many have gone back to the person to person experience to enhance the customer experience.

Humans — can connect on a different level than machines. They can relate to you on a personal level and really help guide you into the right vehicle for your needs.

Machines or Artificial Intelligence– Lets face it IBM’s Watson has been around for years and you can ask it questions and it can spit out an answer, however it cannot connect with you on a personal level. Why is this important? It’s like buying an outfit at the department store. Some clothes look better on some people than others and I know it’s all subjective, however a computer won’t be able to persuade your customer to make a decision. What it will do is help your 10 car player move to a 12 car player every month and help you retain your employees.

Ultimately, like Elon said, “Humans are underrated,” and if we play are cards right we can improve our processes and leverage AI to benefit the Sales Professional.


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