When to Separate an Employee from Payroll

“If you are employed at will, your employer does not need good cause to fire you. In every state but Montana (which protects employees who have completed an initial “probationary period” from being fired without cause), employers are free to adopt at-will employment policies, and many of them have.” This excerpt is from Nolo.com Check with your companies policies and procedures before doing anything. Small disclaimer.

This is generally a touchy subject. I don’t take any satisfaction in letting anyone go. Some people blame themselves and if you’re like me you want to learn from it.

Here are a 3 things you need to look out for in your team:

  1. Who needs training
  2. Who’s lacking purpose
  3. Who needs to go

Generally you want to separate the personal side from the business side. Easier said than done. People forget that “business” is about “people” and when trying to grow your people you have to get to know them to a certain extent on a personal level. You want to know the type of people who are working with you. When you’ve identified who might need to go, you have to ask yourself three questions and more importantly you have to ask them:

  1. Are they being lazy – If they’re being lazy you might be able to still motivate them and give them some training.
  2. Do they lack respect- These people sometimes can be saved and just need a refresher on why they made the decision to work with you or giving them an ultimatum sometimes gets them reengaged
  3. Do they just do not care “the entitlement syndrome(ego)”- There is no saving these people and generally they suck the energy away from all your employees. Beware of them they are a detriment to your staff and your business. They generally do not see their wrong doing and will undermine you every chance they get.

Stick to these simple principles and you can continue to grow your team and minimize having one person sway the teams vision.

For more information on the basics, pick up one of my books today 🙂


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