PROSPECTING a losing formula!

Prospecting is a losing formula!

This is what I imagine the “pretenders” in our industry say about prospecting when I see sales people just click their tasks complete or don’t pick up the phone.

In my sales career I’ve made more deals on the phone prospecting than I thought could happen. I truly believe because of my follow up skills I was able to sell over 30 cars a month in the car business. The phone is vital in getting you to the next level in sales. If you consider yourself a True Sales Professional, then you better start getting better on the phone. I recommend training and practicing daily. The reason why so many people in sales fail at prospecting is for 4 reasons:

1.      Desire – They lack the desire to pick up the phone.

2.      No training – This is huge. Without proper training an entire team can fail. I’ve witnessed this first hand. I recently was trying to help a fellow dealer and I gave them the basis of how we incorporate data mining in our dealership and failed to give them proper training. They attempted to follow our outline, and they couldn’t produce results.

3.      Scared – I’ve personally seen sales people afraid to pick up the phone, because they are afraid of the following:

a.      Being told no

b.      The customer will get upset

If this happens to you, get out of sales. You will run into more no’s in this industry than any other.

4.      Belief – If you don’t believe calling a customer cold, or an existing customer you’ve done business with will get your more slaes… then get out of the business.  If you’re the leader in the organization and you truly don’t believe in prospecting… your people will never follow suit.

Everyone in the organization must believe they can reach out to their existing customers or new customers and sell them. I’ve made more deals calling customers than I ever believed possible, but I always believed I could do it. I studied, and role played daily. If you believe Prospecting is a losing formula, get out of the sales profession today!


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