Setting an Appointment like a Tee Time

Setting an Appointment like a Tee Time

Some of the best sales professionals I know use this method to set appointments and it gets people showing up on time, more times than not.

One of the biggest struggles I found when setting appointments early in my career in the car business was getting customers to show up on time. People would say they would come in at a certain time and then show up when it was more convenient for them. That is until I asked one of the top guys in my store how he found success in having customers show up on time. With that one question, it changed my life in the business. He told me that he had the same problem until he started setting times in odd times, like they do on the golf course. The Tee time – it helps in 2 ways

1.      He said people are more inclined to remember

2.      They will stay more committed to the time

Here are 2 examples:

1.      instead of telling the customer you have an appointment at 12:00 let them know their appointment time is 12:07.

2.      Instead of scheduling a customer at 10 am let them know their appointment is set for 10:11 am.

Wouldn’t you know it instead of having to split all my deals I ended up spreading out appointments and people stayed committed and showed up on time.  For someone like myself who struggled with 10 to 15 splits a month, this was a blessing. I was able too almost instantly push my sales numbers from 20 to 30 cars a month.

Remember stick to the Tee time and you’ll see your show ratio increase.


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